Who am I?


I am Thomas Jacob Bedwin, British wedding photographer based in Madrid. I have been here for 12 years already. I started my journey in Spain as an English teacher, like so many before me, and gradually became a professional photographer which is what I have been doing exclusively for the last five years. 

I am also, finally, almost bilingual! Although it is true that I have been known to exclaim that it’s pouring raincoats, and have misunderstood the phrase “to trim the bush,” I can more or less deal with any situation life throws at me. I even wrote a blog in Spanish for the local daily paper in Madrid – 20 Minutos.

Why am I a wedding photographer?

I had a weird start to photography – I was doing fieldwork in the Caribbean (which I highly recommend) looking for evidence of tsunamigenic earthquake events in the geological record. That was my previous life. To really understand what the data was telling us, I took a cheap DSLR to shoot each section of beach we measured to mash together with the data and make a more visual illustration. (By the way, there have been, and therefore will be, enormous subduction zone earthquakes and accompanying tsunamis in the Caribbean so if you’re there and you feel the ground shake, get as high as you can!). After that, I was hooked on clicking the little button and making little frozen scenes of the things I saw. 

At first, I wanted to be a wildlife photographer…but it turns out that you need a bunch of quite expensive gear, and often you have to wait days or weeks for a shot, or you leave the camera and go home! Not for me; I like the strange meditation of actually making the photos and playing with the scene to make something beautiful.

After that, I assumed that fashion might be a good idea, so I started to do some research and I discovered that you have to be a very cool person, with a lot of friends and contacts to be able to work in fashion. I am much too shy and weird to be able to work in commercial fashion photography.

I soon discovered that although fashion wasn’t for me, I was completely fascinated by people, and photographing people. Currently, I shoot a lot of street photography and long-form documentary but my most favourite thing to do is be adopted for a day by a whole new family, and wander around a wedding day immortalising all the tiny unrepeatable moments throughout the day. 

Photo of Thomas Bedwin photographer

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