Madrid Wedding Photographer

Greetings from Madrid, wedding photographer hunters

Hello, hello! Thanks so much for visiting the site, even if it was just a chance encounter. So, if you are looking for a wedding photographer in and around Madrid, you have come to the right place. Take a second to read a bit about who we are and what we do, or shoot directly over to the portfolio of most recent stuff here.

Our type of wedding photography

We are basically documentary wedding photographers. You could call it wedding photojournalism, too. The key thing isn’t really the name, it’s the style of image that we create. Documentary wedding photography is much more about the photographer blending into the background, mingling with the family and the wedding guests. Instead of becoming another stressed wedding planner; organising and directing, we work to capture the subtle natural moments that happen throughout your wedding day. Don’t worry if you’re camera-shy, though, we’ll give you some pointers to get wonderful, natural couple shots. 

Wedding photography radius

Currently we are based in beautiful Madrid, so we’re slap bang in the middle of Spain. On the one hand, it’s a wonderful hub of activity, couples meet here all the time and the city becomes part of their story. On the other hand, since it’s right in the centre, it really is a node for transport so we can easily get to almost anywhere else in Spain by train in no time. So, if you’re thinking about a beach wedding…we love the beach!

Why wedding photography?

That’s actually a great question. There are loads (and loads) of wedding photographers, probably more every day, but the really great ones all seem to have something in common. They are delighted by the story. Photographing a wedding is like being given permission to enter a secret world. It’s almost like being adopted by a family for a day. You learn all sorts about the couple – what they love about each other, their favourite perfume, right down to their shoe size. The rest of the family love to share stories too, we’ve heard some tales that deserve to be a published trilogy!

This is the heart (love a pun) of our approach to the photographic wedding story. We aim to be great by telling your wedding story how it deserves to be told, and in the process produce images that enable you to relive your wedding day with as much emotion as you felt the first time around.

Get your wedding photographer locked down

So, there are three things that are vital when making the choice between all the wedding photographers you can find online.

  1. Price, boring but obvious. If a wedding photographer is out of your price range, there may be a little wiggle room, but usually the prices are pretty fixed. After all, we have mortgages and kids and cats to take care of.
  2. Style, more interesting and still quite obvious. The photographic style of your wedding photographer should be as close to your preferred style as possible. If you love dreamy images of brides and grooms in sun dappled woodlands, definitely don’t go for the guy who does grungy fashion-style weddings in abandoned industrial estates. Very cool, but if concrete is your worst nightmare…you get it.
  3. Vibes, good vibes. Last fundamental consideration, and more difficult to pinpoint, is the relationship you build with a photographer before the wedding. Usually we book weddings from six months to two years out. In that time you’re going to have several interactions with the photographer. Ideally, you want to feel comfortable with the photographer that you hire. Unless they’re a really big business or a studio, photographers usually do a lot of their own communication, so we’ll talk directly to you. If you feel like there’s no connection, like the person at the other end of the phone or emails really doesn’t get you, it’ll be harder to relax on the big day.

Get in touch

If you’re interested in having us hanging around and documenting everything from tears to tiaras, and your gran snoozing in the corner, please do get in touch and we’ll see if we can work together.